"You like him? I’ll give him to you if you want him. But you’ve got to promise me to look after him because, he means a lot to me." 

"I promise."


Almost Human - The Bends

Take your robot, for instance, so many disparate ideas and- and concepts that all need to come together, but if you approach your work with reverence and pour your very soul into it, it starts to get a life of its own. And, dare I say, you can grow very fond of that creation.


Almost Human - Blood Brothers

The irony is, I talk to dead people all the time.
But I can't talk to the people who matter the most to me.


KENNEX: Elton John. He's an old-time singer.
Apparently, his real name was Reginald.


Make Me Choose meme

nickyoflaherty asked john kennex or dorian?


Almost Human - Are you Receiving?

Hello. I'm Detective John Kennex. I'm an automated police officer with a very difficult personality.