!!!! 0.4/5% more and then Almost Human is in the top five ! 

When I voted a second ago, Almost Human was in fifth place with 8.24%, yay! But ‘The Tomorrow People’ is really close with 8.21%, so please continue with the voting at the E!ONLINE SAVE ONE SHOW POLL so we can increase the gap and stay on fifth position (or get to #4) to make it into the next round!

You may vote as many times as you want. The round closes today and we have to be in the top 5 to make it into the next round. Come on, together we can do it!

GO FANDOM  fyi  

You’re worried that you’re gonna be targeted?


Apparently he doesn’t know him very well.

He fell? Out of a moving car? // Yeah, crazy, huh? Must be some kind of software issue. Gonna need a new one. // Software?


John and Dorian in Almost Human” 1*12 ^^